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Discover for yourself safe & miraculous freeride in unique, spectacular and unexplored places in Carpathian Mountains.

Choose your own exploration pathway in the places of a  unique distinction.



Magical places



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Celebrate your Wintertale holidays in miraculous and accident-free freeride,
skitour & splitboard exploration trips.

Tours with the aid of experienced guides

and trained Malamout dogs.




Ukrainian Carpathians



Enhanced Video-Experience



The Tour's Sojourn - from 2 to 7 days.

The Wintertale trips encompass all the

magical places of Ukrainian Carpathian

mountains. Your can choose for yourself

the pathways of any kind - ranging from the

simplest to the advanced.


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The fire of my heart



Hey, my holy brethren, have you ever felt the hospitable fire of Chornohora nights? You must know, where to close your eyes, not to freeze yourself to death. Harken brethren, where the voice of your heart leads you, away from evil snares of the winding roads, away from perilous predator-wolfs, to the safe kindling fire of the night granting you repose and safety for the brief moments until the light of dawn lighten the proud outline of the ancient Carpatian ridge calling you to hit the road again.


(by the motives of Peter Shekeryk-Donykiv, Zheb'e, 1912)

  •  Our experience

    We value the precious moments of everyday experience, the simple human touch. The most wonderful world is miraculously granted us by our open heart. All dreams come true, and it's important not to miss the moment.

  •  Our mission

    Miraculous and safe Wintertale Ride. Find your own pathway in the most spectacular places. Be yourself!

  •  What motivate us

    The sojourn unites people, making them friends. The rides in the lesser-known places of unique distinction in Carpathian Mountains, fill the heart with energy and enlightenment.


Mysterious Gadzhyna



The winding path in the mountains in quest for energy and Enlightenment in it's purest form, in a search for solitude, away from the den and disquietude of the cities, leads to the mountaintop again and again. The transparent glow of the boundless air expands and transports the mind, ever reemerging in your memory everafter as a welcoming revisit invitation. The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors evocate themselves anew in Gadzhyna forests, and purest, refreshing air of the dawn inebriates and enchants.


Memorable & safe winter rides

Choose your own mountainpath strategy ranging from simplest to advanced

Tours with the aid of experienced guides and

trained Malamout dogs (the equipment is shipped by

stout Malamout dogs)

Daily overcome about
9,5 miles, but about half way - it's downhill

The winter tours require the elementary knowledge of freerider techniques

The Cost

We accumulate the small groups

Please register in advance

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The discount gift may be granted for bloggers, or friendly communities.

If you need you pay for every single day of the tour.


The Freeride expertise

Novice - basic skiing experience, lacking backcountry or skitour experience

Intermediate - elementary off-piste skiing, basic backcountry & snowboard ride experience

Advanced - experienced rider, off-piste expert skier on a various kinds of snow conditions


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good training (regular amateur training)

medical compliance


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